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Purpose and learning objectives

This course is intended for employers, managers, supervisors and others in the workplace who want to improve their abilities to supervise employees who drive for work. The purpose of this course is to provide you with an understanding of:

  1. The benefits effective supervision provides to companies and employees
  2. Typical roles, responsibilities and duties of people who supervise employees who drive for work
  3. Practices, processes and resources supervisors can use to help ensure the safety of employees when they are driving for work

When you successfully complete this course, you will be able to:

  1. Recognize the importance and value of implementing effective supervisory processes
  2. Identify occupational safety requirements for supervisors of employees who drive for work
  3. Apply practices, skills and methods for effective supervision
  4. Identify and apply resources to improve your abilities to supervise employees who drive for work

Course layout

This course has three lessons.

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Lesson One

Lesson One:  The Value of Supervising Employees Who Drive for Work

  1. Identifies and explains key benefits of providing effective supervision in the workplace.
  2. Identifies and explains legal requirements concerning supervision.
Lesson Two

Lesson Two:  Practical Methods for Supervising Employees Who Drive For Work

  1. Explains processes and practices supervisors can use to provide supervision that meets employer expectations, addresses legal duties and serves the needs of employees who drive for work.
  2. Uses video to demonstrate how to apply those methods.

In this course, you will gain information using a variety of interactive methods – text, visual aids, infographics, hyperlinks, video and others. You will complete activities and quizzes aimed at confirming you have gained the intended knowledge and are ready to apply that knowledge in your workplace.

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This course contains audio.
This course is about 40 - 60 minutes long.
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Record of Completion

After you successfully complete this course, you’ll be able to print your Record of Completion – and demonstrate to others your commitment to improving safety for employees who drive for work.