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Purpose and learning objectives

The main purpose of this course is to demonstrate an effective process that employers and employees can use to investigate work-related crashes. It  is designed to improve your understanding of the value of investigations and the steps involved as well as your practical abilities to conduct and participate in investigations that arrive at constructive corrective actions – measures that can be taken to prevent future crashes and avoid injuries to employees.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  1. Explain the importance of conducting work-related crash investigations
  2. Identify and explain key steps for investigating work-related crashes
  3. Apply this method and associated tools to conduct investigations that discover underlying causes
  4. Determine suitable corrective measures and lead to actions that prevent reoccurrence

Course layout

This course has six lessons.

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Lesson One

The Value of Investigating Work-Related Crashes

  1. Explains seven reasons why it is important for employers to investigate work-related motor vehicle incidents
  2. Introduces Recycling Works Scenario
Lesson Two

Be Ready to Act

  1. Explains the policies, procedures and equipment an organization should have in place before a crash occurs.
  2. Explains the steps of identifying people who can participate in an investigation, and choosing an investigation technique
Lesson Three

Gather Information

  1. Explains key steps for crash scene response
  2. Explains how to examine the site, take photographs and make site diagrams
  3. Explains skills for interviewing people who witnessed or were involved in the incident
  4. Explains how to organize information into useful Sequence of Events Maps
Lesson Four

Analyze and Understand Information

  1. Explains immediate and underlying causes
  2. Demonstrates a process for identifying immediate and underlying causes
  3. Provides resource tables to help accurately identify causes
Lesson Five

Develop and Implement Recommendations

  1. Explains how to build targeted, implementable recommendations
  2. Provides framework for building an effective incident investigation report
  3. Describes steps to ensure corrective actions are implemented
Lesson Six

Wrap Up

  1. Downloadable resources and related links
  2. Final Quiz
  3. Post-course Survey
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This course is about 90 - 120 minutes long.
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