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Purpose and learning objectives

This course has two main purposes. First, the course explains why it is important for employers to know what driving skills and behaviours their employees have, identifying the benefits that knowledge provides and how it ties into addressing legal requirements.

The second purpose is to identify and explain the tools available to help employers determine what driving skills and behaviours employees already have, and the resources they can use to ensure each employee has the competencies they need to safely and successfully carry out driving assignments.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

    1. Explain the practical benefits of evaluating employee driving skills and behaviours
    2. Identify legal duties around ensuring employees are qualified to carry out assigned driving
    3. Describe several methods and tools for evaluating driver competencies
    4. Access and apply a process to carry out basic driver assessments
    5. Identify tools and services that are suitable for addressing skill gaps identified in those assessments, and how to access those resources
    6. Explain ways employers can support employees to acquire necessary driving competencies

Course layout

This course has five lessons.

Click on each heading to expand and learn more.

Lesson One

Lesson 1:  The Importance of Assessing Employee Driving Skills

  1. Explains the benefits of assessing employee driving skills
  2. Identifies legal requirements and what employers can do to meet them
Lesson Two

Lesson 2: Document Checks and Online Tests

  1. Identifies how to check driver’s licences and records, and access online driving tests
  2. Explains how to access those resources, suggests when to use them and how to apply the results
Lesson Three

Lesson 3:  Behind the Wheel Driver Assessments

  1. Focuses on two ride-along assessment processes, one conducted by the employer and the other conducted by a third-party service provider
  2. Explains the Road Safety At Work Driver Assessment Tool, and how to access and apply it
  3. Explains the merits and limitations of both processes, and how to apply the results
Lesson Four

Lesson 4:  Helping Employees Build Competencies

  1. Explains and provides links to six methods employers can use to build employee driving skills
  2. Explains driving skills and behaviours that are important to all work-related driving
  3. Identifies specialized skills that are required for many workplace driving roles
Lesson Five

Lesson 5: Wrap Up

  1. Downloadable resources and related links
  2. Final quiz
  3. Post-course survey

Throughout the course, you will find information in text, videos, interactive graphics and activities. Lessons involve practical scenarios and activities designed to help you understand the concepts and methods so you can apply them to driving circumstances in your workplace.

Quizzes at the end of topics will help prepare you for the final quiz, but do not count towards your final score. Once you have finished all lessons, complete the final quiz (pass score = 75%) and print your Record of Completion to verify your success. You have an unlimited number of attempts to complete the final quiz.

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This course contains audio.
This course is about 90 - 120 minutes long.
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Record of Completion

After you successfully complete this course, you’ll be able to print your Record of Completion – and demonstrate to others your commitment to improving safety for employees who drive for work.